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For over 70 years, Canberra Philharmonic Society has been a home for community, creation, and quality musical theatre.
As society changes, so too do the expectations of cast members, audiences, and the Canberra arts community.
The Canberra Philo committee are looking at ways to keep Philo progressive, welcoming, trustworthy, and inclusive.
We're building on the foundation of 70 amazing years of tradition, to create a future Philo that will continue to be the home of our community for the next 70.
What part will you play?

Get Involved

Current project:
Show and Production Team
Pitches for 2025

Show Selection Callout 1.jpg

Philo has an open process where people can suggest future shows or nominate to be part of a production team.

Pitches for 2025 are currently being reviewed - stay tuned for show announcements soon!

Other Future Philo projects:

Recruit sub-committees

Recruit sub-committees

New Website

New Website

Commit to developing inclusive and diverse casting process

Commit to developing inclusive and diverse casting process for Bring It On The Musical

Beauty and the Beast Bckd Removed

Conduct an audit of Philo's costumes (ongoing)

Plans and Priorities

Release a '23/'24 vision statement


Future Philo is guided by Philo's '23/'24 priorities and plans statement, download the statement for more!

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