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Meet the Squad of Bring It On!

The Bring It On production team and Canberra Philharmonic Society are thrilled to announce the cast of Bring It On The Musical.

In addition to this exciting announcement, tickets for Bring It On The Musical are now live! So, once you've met our team, head on over and pick up some tickets for a date with the highest-flying cast in town!

Bring It On The Musical

Campbell: Jessica Gowing

Bridget: Katie Lis

Danielle: Jessica Marshall

Eva: Hannah Lance

Skylar: Ashleigh Maynard

Kylar: Emma English

Nautica: Diana Caban Velez

La Cienega: Kavitha Sivasamy

Steven: Frank Shanahan

Randall: Grayson Woodham

Twig: Jeremy Chan

Cameron: Ash Syme


Ashleigh Nguyen

Brigitte Vasils

Charlotte Jackson

Chloe Archer

Deborah Greenbaum

Dimitri Yialeloglou

Dolly Chen

Edward Berry

Ella Colquhoun

Erin Davis (Cheer Captain)

Georgie Galvin (Dance Captain)

Hester McDonald

Imogen Baggoley

Jordan Kelly

Joshua Walsh

Katy Larkin

Kellee-Rose Hand

Lara Pulciani

Max Lajud Rivera

Milly Ratcliffe

Sam Thomson

Siye Whitbread

Tate Sissian

Tori Hunt


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